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Green Self Help was conceived of – and is being run by – San Fernando Valley wellness coach / healthy living consultant who believes that knowing how to live healthier can not only improve life’s quality but prevent disease. To this end the wellness coach provides helpful tips on Green Self Help’s blog, holds healthy living classes (in San Fernando Valley, CA) to educate and help people to better health.

To popularize the knowledge of healthy living and natural remedies, the wellness coach writes books and guides which are featured on Green Self Help’s Website. Guides and books on healthy living and healing with natural remedies are available in several formats for the smart phone and computer-savvy readers as well as in print.

Knowing how to live healthfully, prevent illness and heal yourself with natural remedies is of utmost importance, especially today. The food sold in our grocery stores is less than safe. Our homes, furniture and cleaning products are full of toxic chemicals. Our existing healthcare is under siege. Worse, our medicine and pharma are industries that put profit over our wellbeing.

Traditionally, I’m talking about the thousands of years of history behind us, medicine was the domain of simple, old and experienced women. Modern medicine was created much later by younger, well-educated men. The main difference in the approach of traditional medicine and modern medicine is the degree of… “aggression”.

The traditional “female medicine” was – and is – much more conservative; the modern medicine is decisively more radical. What’s the difference to the patient? If and when the conservative approach fails, the option of a more aggressive treatment is available. If and when a radical treatment fails, there is NO option of reversing the hands of time. Examples? Gallstones’ or chronic low back pain’s treatment. The recommended treatment of gallstones is the removal of the gallbladder. Chronic low back pain is often treated with spinal surgery. Neither can be reversed. With a safe and effective natural method for non-invasive and painless gallstone removal available, would you rather get rid of your gallstones or your gallbladder? (Gallstones are a recurring problem. The same treatment can be safely repeated as necessary should you develop new gallstones. Living without a gallbladder requires life-altering adjustments.) Chronic low back pain? If you could get rid of your chronic low back pain with outright stupid exercise you do daily, would you undergo surgery?…. The list of examples is VERY long, there are benign (non-cancerous) breast tumors, for instance. Most of them are cysts that  can be removed with an unpleasant procedure. (You’ll be warned that your cyst may return and it frequently does. You’ll have to undergo an unpleasant procedure, repeatedly.) Breast cysts can be healed naturally and painlessly, so even though they tend to be a recurring problem; the treatment is simple, easy and painless and can be repeated as needed. What type of treatment would YOU choose for yourself or someone you love? A needle in the breast or a gentler alternative?…

It’s your health. You get to choose how to manage it. In some cases, a doctor-recommended treatment with drugs or surgery is better; in others, healing with natural remedies is.

What’s the difference between using natural remedies and prescription – or over the counter – drugs? Provided you don’t mind the short and long term negative side effects, using conventional drugs can be more convenient and you may experience relief of symptoms, faster. Using natural remedies may require some work, consistency and patience, but you won’t have to sacrifice some aspects of your health in order to improve others.

Modern medicine with its great technologies is indispensable and no one questions its importance. In some cases however natural remedies provide a valid, non-invasive alternative. Natural remedies are often as effective, safer and cheaper than prescription drugs many of which have dangerous side effects. In some cases, natural remedies can help prevent risky, painful – and sometimes, unnecessary – surgery.

As important and valuable as medicine and pharmaceuticals can be, they are also industries geared for profit. Keeping patients ill, treating – not healing or curing – their diseases or symptoms for years is profitable. For the medical industry healing and curing would mean a massive loss of revenue. Similarly, the rising awareness of the availability and effectiveness of natural remedies could diminish the profits of big pharma.

DON’T FALL VICTIM TO YOUR GOOD FAITH, DON’T ASSUME THAT THE WORLD IS SAFE: minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals; manage your health wisely; learn how to heal yourself with natural remedies!