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Sturm Enrich is not a medical doctor. Through research, learning, experimentation and experience, she became a self-taught expert, Wellness Coach, author and fervent advocate for natural remedies.

Sturm Enrich, Author Of Healing With Natural Remedies

Sturm Enrich, Author Of Healing With Natural Remedies

Sturm Enrich, the author of healing with natural remedies guides available on Green Self Help Website, is not a medical doctor. Her own – and her family’s – health problems inspired her to research, learn about and experiment with natural remedies. The insight and experience she’s gained in the process led her to become a Wellness Coach specializing in healing with natural remedies.

Natural remedies provide non-invasive, safe, gentle and effective solutions to many common ailments. They can help prevent risky, painful and sometimes unnecessary surgery and are often as effective. They can provide a safer and cheaper alternative to costly drugs with dangerous side effects.

As important and valuable as modern medicine and pharmaceuticals can be, they are also industries geared for profit. Keeping patients ill, treating – not healing or curing – their diseases or symptoms for years is profitable. Should human vulnerability – as in illness or disease – be exploited for profit?!

In her best-selling guides on healing with natural remedies Sturm Enrich shares her knowledge of natural remedies to:

  • help YOU avoid risky and painful surgeries
  • help YOU avoid dangerous side effects of prescription drugs
  • help YOU save money
  • help YOU preserve and protect yours and your loved ones’ health

Sturm Enrich believes that:

  • Health is life, quality of life and length of life.
  • Health is every person’s most precious possession.
  • Health HAS TO be treated with utmost respect.

and she lives by her beliefs.