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Natural Remedies For Breast Tumors


Alternative treatment for breast tumors: get relief from non-cancerous breast lumps. Natural treatment without pain, needles, drugs or surgery.

Natural Remedies For Breast TumorsSo you found a lump in your breast and you’re – understandably! – worried. You’re overwhelmed by thoughts of diagnostic tests ahead and the possibility of breast cancer. There’s fear of pain, fear of diagnosis, fear of treatment, fear of major changes in your life.

Don’t panic! Breast tumors are more common than you think and only about 20% of them are cancerous. Assuming that you don’t have a diagnosis yet or that you’ve been diagnosed with a benign breast tumor, try natural remedies! They are non-invasive, painless and effective on most non-cancerous breast tumors.

There are 8 chances out of 10 that your breast tumor is non-cancerous. Most of breast tumors are actually cysts. You could bear with the lump and / or pain. You could see a doctor. (In a case of bothersome breast cysts for example, the fluid can be aspirated with a needle. The cyst and the fluid are likely to return and you’ll undergo the procedure more than once.) Why not try a gentle, NEEDLE-FREE, alternative treatment for non-cancerous breast tumors, first? In most cases of benign breast tumors, the natural treatment will shrink the lump or get rid of it entirely. In addition, one simple lifestyle change – suggested in the guide – will significantly lower the chance of breast lumps recurring.

Green Self Help offers a guide to healing non-cancerous Breast Tumors with natural remedies which is available for instant download.

Instant Download of Natural Remedies For Breast Tumors Guide

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I’m using your natural remedies for only a week. So far I made only modest progress in my recovery, but even now I’d have to say, I’ll take your method over needles, anytime.

It works!

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Incredible! So old-fashioned and so comforting. It works for me.


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