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Priceless information for baby boomers afraid of aging, dealing with aging or contending with negative effects of aging. Guide on restoring an aging body naturally.

Green Anti Aging GuideWritten and developed by a wellness coach, this green anti-aging guide for people over 50 and baby boomers challenges the conventional idea of aging as a process of inevitable decline. The author contends that the reason for decline and degeneration may – or may not be – age-related. Better, the author believes that many age-related changes can be reversed!

Sturm Enrich’s new approach to aging and consequently, anti-aging is shocking, but convincing. Better, Sturm Enrich doesn’t just assert a new point of view but backs it up by providing an easy to follow action plan to reverse negative impact of aging, along with guidelines on how to maintain the newly reclaimed prime. (The goal of the anti-aging guide isn’t to restore youth, but a disease-free prime.)

Chapter by chapter, the anti-aging guide provides solutions for reclaiming good health, adjusting eating habits and lifestyle for a better life’s quality and a longer life anyone over 50 will find helpful. There are many books on anti-aging out there, but Green Anti Aging is different. It doesn’t repeat the many conventional “truths” we’ve all heard before, it reveals “secrets” we didn’t know.

There are answers and solutions within Green Anti Aging guide you wouldn’t expect to find, like:

  • how to restore aging skin naturally
  • how to restore aging bones naturally
  • how to restore aging muscles naturally
  • how to restore aging organs naturally
  • how to manage cell aging naturally
  • how to remedy bone density problems
  • how to remedy high cholesterol naturally
  • how to remedy osteoporosis naturally
  • how to remedy hypertension naturally
  • how to restore hormonal balance naturally
  • in short, how to restore an aging body naturally and a lot more!

Sturm Enrich’s Green Anti-Aging Guide is a treasure-trove of priceless information for the over 50 crowd and baby boomers afraid of aging, dealing with aging or contending with negative effects of aging. Stunning, practical, promoting realistic yet, OPTIMISTIC expectations. (And, with several “nudges” to consult a physician before starting any protocol, taking any new supplements, or making significant lifestyle changes to boot.)

Over 50? Baby boomers’ generation? Take charge of aging without drugs or surgery! There is a better way and IT WORKS!

Green Anti Aging Guide by Sturm Enrich is available in several formats.

Green Anti Aging Guide 1,509 KB INSTANT DOWNLOAD $45.00

Green Anti Aging GS Sturm Enrich

  • Green Anti Aging guide by Sturm Enrich is REVOLUTIONARY! It flies in the face of the establishment’s concept of aging and reveals secrets to fighting the aging process and its individual elements, NATURALLY and EFFECTIVELY!

  • Copyright 2017 Sturm Enrich All Rights Reserved
  • 35 pages
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Customers say:

Exceeded my expectations

5 5 1
So far so good. Following the protocol and it is working! Unconventional and wise, the book addresses real concerns of aging and provides solutions that work. From body restoration and energy management to remedies for age-related complaints, anything I tried so far made a positive difference for me. Write the next part: people are waiting!

Life changing book

5 5 1
Great information! Both I and my wife are working on implementing it. So far, the results are better than either one of us expected. Both of us have no trouble getting up anymore. My wife is losing weight. I've gotten rid of my chronic back pain. And we are on the program for only 10 days! The author's suggestions appear to be simple and common sense, but they are in fact wise, insightful and by golly, effective.


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